Latitude: 60° 51’19.87″ N
Longitude: 5° 2’4.58″ E

SafeSeaNet / ISPS:
Security level = 1 (unless otherwise informed)
Port: Skipavik-Gulen (NOSIP)
Please submit crew-list and pre-arrival security info via SAFE SEA NET.
PFSO / John Torsvik +47 900 89 470


Extraordinary measures for port calls/loading/mob/demobilization of vessels at Skipavika related to outbreaks of COVID-19


Skipavika Terminal consider outbreaks of COVID-19 with the utmost severity and will contribute to minimize the proliferation by following the orders and recommendations issued by the NIPH, the NCA and municipal authorities. Additionally, internal orders adapted to the terminal’s operation are introduced.


Following procedures valid from March 17 2020 and until further notice:


  1. Crew/personnel mustering vessels in Skipavika shall not be in direct contact with the terminal personnel. They must be picked up by taxi or walk straight between the main gate and vessel. There is no option to wait for vessel or further transport inside the terminal.
  1. All on-and-off signers should be reported to vakt@skipavika.no in advance, along with confirmation that they are not subject to quarantine regulations, or have any symptoms of illness.
  1. Planning of operations in advance will be essential during this period. We therefore ask the vessels to report their request for loading (cargo load plan, order, sketch of deck with cargo etc.) well in advance of their arrival.
  1. Toolbox Talk to be carried out separately for base personnel ashore and for the crew on board. Toolbox talk interaction by VHF prior startup of operation.
  1. Loading of deck cargo, spooling of fiber coils or wire will not be carried out simultaneously. When loading by means of shore crane, terminal personnel will have to board the vessel in order to direct crane driver and place the cargo.

During this operation none of the vessels crew are supposed to be on deck.

  1. For communication between vessel and shore during loading or coil operations, a disinfected radio must be handed ashore prior to start-up. Small size bulk vessels loading at quay 1 will be provided with a disinfected UHF radio accordingly.

We know that these procedures will make port calls, mobilization and demobilization more complicated and time-consuming. However, we hope everyone understands the necessity of the above, and have a common interest in minimizing the ripple effects of COVID-19.

If you have any questions or important information related to arrivals at Skipavika, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Stian Bogetvedt / Operations ST / stian@skipavika.no / mob: +47 982 09 302
Oddgeir Oppedal / Foreman ST / oddgeir@skipavika.no / mob: +47 900 31 852
Gjermund Halsvik / PFSO / gjermund@kvantum.as / mob: +47 930 07 400


Email: skipavika@kvantum.as
Port communication VHF ch.08
24/7 duty T: +47 969 04 552

Quays numbered from 0 to 9:
Quay 0: length 60m depth 11m (next to the disused ferry terminal)
Quay 1 (loading conveyor): length 50m (110m incl. mooring dolphins) depth 16m  heading 349
Quay 2: length 43m depth 17m
Quay 3: length 15m depth 25m
Quay 2+3: aligned total length 140m depth 17m heading 340
Quay 4: length 50m (110m incl. mooring dolphins) depth 29m heading 348
Quay 4B: length 34m depth 25m
Quay 6: length 43m depth 25m heading 348
Quay 7: length 29m depth 17m heading 35,5
Quay 8: length 29m depth 17m heading 341,46
Quay 9: length 29m depth 17m heading 341,46
All quays are equipped with 50/70/200mt bollards, quay 4-6 and 7-9 also equipped with 300mt bollards.
Load 80mt / m2.

All visitors / deliveries:
A list stating Name/Company/Arrival time must be reported by phone or email to skipavika@kvantum.as prior arrival.
Visitors must register for an ISPS visitor ID-card before entering the terminal;
Contact Kvantum AS, offices 2nd floor in the building next to the ferry terminal.

Off / On – signers:
Ships agent / taxi must co-ordinate and report to Kvantum AS office.

Restrictions vessels crew:
PPE (personal protection equipment) is mandatory due to quarry activities and ongoing construction work.

To be notified us minimum 24 hours prior arrival.
Mandatory to report all waste by SafeSeaNet as from July 01 2015.

To be notified us minimum 24 hours prior arrival.
Fresh water only available by truck; capacity 12m3.