Southerly view

Nearest West Leo at quay 8, then West Taurus

Northerly view

Skipavika Offshore Service AS

Mekanisk, hydraulisk og elektro tjenester. Mechanical, hydraulic and el- related services

Songa Enabler

SONGA ENABLER ved Olavsvern jan-feb 2017 SONGA ENABLER at Olavsvern…

West Hercules

WEST HERCULES fortøyd ved kai 4B den 13/10 2016 - se drone filmen her
WEST HERCULES moored at quay 4B on Oct 13 2016 - filmed with a drone Drone film by © JORDDAL LUFTFOTO

West Alpha

WEST ALPHA ankom 13/7 2016 for opplag
WEST ALPHA arrived July 13 2016 for lay-up

Songa Equinox

SONGA EQUINOX ved kai 1 den 30/11 2015
SONGA EQUINOX alongside quay 1 on 30/11 2015

Songa Dee

SONGA DEE ankret opp nord for kai 6 den 6/9 2016 (til venstre på bildet)
SONGA DEE anchored north of quay 6 on Sep 6 2016 (far left in picture)

Skipavika Terminal AS


West Venture

WEST VENTURE ankom 9/3 2016 for opplag
WEST VENTURE arrived Mar 09 2016 for lay-up